Okay, two rants in two days and I’ve written absolutely nothing else in a couple of weeks. Getting geared up for the trip abroad, but several worrisome things: a mild ear infection (which could become quite painful in the compression of an aeroplane cabin), and today- a pain in a tooth- maybe a cavity making itself known. Announcing its presence as if at a fabulous party (I can picture it walking elegantly down a large staircase having heard its title and name announced.) I certainly don’t have time to have cavities filled before leaving; I can only hope it subsides, as these things often do.
Still, it is frustrating to suddenly feel random ailments coming on just before a long-planned-upon trip. Perhaps they have been brought on by the stress of trying to finish a thousand things before disembarking.

I am excited nonetheless for the trip, although I’m thinking that perhaps we should take a cab to Newark after all; even if no explosions visit the subways, I’d rather not be made to miss our flight due to mad searches of luggage! They will spend plenty of time on that once we get to the airport.
(Man, this writing sounds so formal. habit of writing versus speaking.)


One thought on “otherwise…

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