well, things are getting worse.
broken levees, and the city fills.
it will never be the same as it was.
devastation. crime. further evacuation.

(still, some perspective can be gained by looking back at the tsunami in indnesia- that was on a much larger scale)

president bush is such a #%$*… well, that’s nothing new.
and of course the requisite numbers of people talking “why did god do this?” or “the end is nigh” crap.


3 thoughts on “ugh.

  1. Thanks Kel.
    This sentence in particular strikes me: “Far from destroying the Crescent City, this great tragedy will strengthen her soul and deepen her mystique. History is on her side.”
    That’s what I like to hear, especially as I have always been an optimist. (And I’m trying to stay one, even as things seem to get steadily less bright these past few years…)

  2. As a native and former resident of NOLA my heart breaks every time I read a newspaper or glance at a television. But I am comforted by the knowledge that she will rise again, that beautiful, haunted matron of the Mississippi. She survived thyphus, yellow fever,fire, war and the ravages of water long before the modern “advanaces” of the 20th century. Far from destroying the Crescent City, this great tragedy will strengthen her soul and deepen her mystique. History is on her side.
    Thank you for your reflections and your concern.
    Fabulous website, by the way.

  3. Here’s a great comment made on another blog I frequent (and by great I mean horrifically stupid):

    “Maybe New Orleans would get more compassion from the [Bush] administration if it didn’t repetitiously elect corrupt Democratic Senators”

    Even I don’t believe on any level that W or his administration would withhold compassion or aid from thousands of people because of politicas. Thankfully, even the far right owner of the blog came down on him for this, but if this guy is thinking it, then so are a lot of others.

    Relief will be a real problem down south with so many National Guard men and women fighting in Iraq. Not to mention supplies like water purifiers that could now best be used here at home. this is a disaster on so many levels.

    By the way Lizzie, love the new pic.

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