the big NO

So, from what I have managed to gather thus far today, the wrath incurred by Katrina upon New Orleans has been less than maximum warnings estimated, and that’s good. Very early this morning I recall a clip during which a meteorologist said that were the eye to pass east of New Orleans, it would be the best case scenario that could be expected (all else being equal), and so it has. Alas, the storm has hit Mobile and Gulfport hard… And Biloxi. Best of luck to all affected.

Here are some fascinating figures:
The dimensions of an electron are about 10 to the negative 13th power centimeter, while our galaxy is about 10 to the 23rd power centimeters. Just one little galaxy. I’m pretty sure that means that our solar system could fit quite comfortably inside the breadbox of the universe. We are mf small.
(I’m in the process of reading The Accelerating Universe by Mario Livio…)



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