sand & salt

After a raucous (read obnoxious!) end-of-night amid weekenders at the Parkside saturday night, I tagged along with friends to the Jersey Shore to enjoy the early morning emptiness of a beach. The water was perfect, the sky pleasantly overcast, then we slept a for spell in the sand. When we awoke there were families and umbrellas everywhere, and it was HOT. Many more trips into the water, which by now was filled with tiny jelleyfish egg thingies (very strange). Remaining afternoon and evening spent leisurely poolside (inland aways).

Saltwater and sand are such a great antidote to the fine fine grit of the hot hot city, and a flash exposure to midday sun gives a pleasant mild burn that feels like a sort of beneath-the-skin blanket for the rest of the day (despite that it renders the night air chillier than normal).

In other news… Bush’s awful energy bill* has passed, Iran has resumed uranium conversion, Discovery™ is still stuck in space, and (holycrap!) corruption was afoot in the Oil for Food dealings!

(sarcasm) Well, at least we’ll get a bit more daylight savings time out of it. (/sarcasm)


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