It’s goddamn HOT. Enough to leave the blinds closed for fear of extra heat from direct sunlight. This kind of unrelenting heat makes me feel vaguely nauseous. I need to find a way to spend a lot of time near water in summers in the future.

Segue- here is the dream:

“We were going somewhere. We had a long sort of inflatable raft- very like the large orange and white one from the cottage. The roads were all water now- it was the future. There were people with boats of various kinds, there were other people on miscellaneous floating things– there were even swimmers. Some few had adapted or been born with oddnesses which catered nicely to being a hardcore swimmer as transport.

For example there was a man who had a sort of over-skin; like a natural born wet suit; and you could see through different parts of the skin differently. Parts of him looked like there were solid areas of dark blue beneath the surface; graphically, almost designerly. There was another man with something off about his nose which enabled him to breathe underwater part of the time or something- it’s muddled.

So it was a highway, but all water. They’d built up concrete walls to surround it; perhaps measures had been made to simultaneously combat rising water levels and deal with a lack of petrol? Some areas still had bridges going over the main arteries, and we passed beneath one upon which a large phrase of encouragement still hung, made of dark wires strung with small light bulbs, only too many letters were missing and it made no sense. (It seemed that it had been for a school team or some such nonsense.)

At times we moved very slowly on the inflatable raft, and tried to stay near the edge wall, so we could push off, use it for leverage. Also at times we seemed to have lost a good deal of air, and the raft would sink lower into the water. There was a point at which I was lying facing front, using my arms to paddle, and we nearly overtook a swimmer or two. (Not that it would have hurt them, but it’s just rude)

There were still roadside hotels and motels, though none of them bothered with keeping swimming pools filled. I cannot recall where we were going in the dream; somewhere far, it was a many-day trip, all the more so due to the slowness of our vehicle.”


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