only tuesday

Hell. It was one of those days where everything started happening before I’d got a chance to feel my eyes open, to breathe the air of today. And a difficult day to get started on the things needing to be done; namely because I didn’t want to get started. But all went well and here I sit slugging through some of the less interesting bits.
I had so many words in my head earlier today. Good ones, I mean. They’ve gone.

The end result of last evening did not follow the plan of last evening.

To my great surprise one of the networks began a series tonight called “Empire,” in which the rise of Octavian (Augustus as he would later be known) is followed, complete with the dramatic insertion of a fictional ex-gladiator as his protector after the murder of Julius. Why do they do that shit? As if the history of the Roman Empire just wasn’t goddamn interesting enough or had too few dramatic figures in the non-fictional telling of it.


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