new site

the boy with echolocation powers

Though I’m late in the telling here, the *spankin’ new* electrofork site is up and running. I was planning on spamming all of my email contacts but have thus far been, at turns, too busy or too lazy to do so. There’s always time. I only spam about once a year so another week or two can’t hurt. If you’re seeing this page having not linked from electrofork,, go there now.

In other news, I finished the above piece of artwork for the Echolocation project by Canopic yesterday afternoon. More info to come on that, I’m sure. While I’m linking, here’s the blog of Allan Lorde– fellow illustrator and gig poster designer, who kindly linked to my blog today.

Hmmm…. blank. There will be more paintings soon, but I will probably post them at electrofork where they more rightly belong. Mean time, I will try not to be so neglectful of this, my dubious online presence known as blog.


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