the weather

It really is amazing what a nice sunny, balmy spring day can do for one’s mood. I am finally making some headway with the verylonglist of work.
Death has apparently become a favored image for my subconscious– another vivid dream this moring, and I remembered this one. It involved some friends and I getting a ride home late at night in the snow from a rather elderly woman, during the course of which she hit two people when she drove around a bend. I looked out through the windshield and watched as the glistening red pool ate up the snow, too quickly. They were knocked unconscious by the hit, and were definitely going to die. One of the friends called 911, we told the woman not to move or worry. Then we booked it to avoid getting involved in what would likely be an endless night at the police station.
Not very nice.

In other news… dunno.
Oh, well I did begin The Artist’s Way again last week. (If you’ve heard of it but never done it, it’s easy to make fun I suppose, but it is an amazing tool when transformation is required. Metamorphosis. Essential reminders.)
That is all.


One thought on “the weather

  1. i later learned that there are apparently rules about dreams; or suggestions at any rate. one of which states that one should never let anyone else drive in one’s dreams.

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