talk of a trip

Well the other night Kat, Anders and I planted the seed of a possible second trip. We were lamenting that it has been a year already gone since we traveled to Prague, Rome and Florence. While in Italy, Kat and I had talked of doing some trip abroad every 2 years, but by the time we were en route back to Brooklyn, the thought of waiting two whole years seemed a torturous reality. Yet here we find ourselves, halfway through it. Tempus fugit and all that.
So- we began discussing the possibility of a smaller, less expensive trip (maybe in the fall); talk of round-trip to London with some days in Glasgow; maybe a five-day trip… And why not? Hell, I don’t owe taxes this year- that alone makes a huge difference in the fiscal what-not! I have already begun researching.

Oh, and incidentally, we are still waiting for the GIANT box of art we shipped back from Austin to arrive. It was insured, but not enough- only $500! About 30 “Collection of Surmiseed Grotesques” books are in there, along with 8 hand-made blank books, my whole run (less the four that sold) of the “Winter” art prints (silk-screened), a portfolio and box full of digital posters, plus posters we received as gifts and trades!! Bugger. It will be funny if all was lost and I don’t even wind up with a single “Winter” print for my own damn archives. (did I say funny?) I should have put the trades and a couple of those into a tube and shipped separately. Live. Learn. Shout Swears.

(maybe it’s just taking a long time…)

(i hope…)


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