thursday is rant day!

My iPod™ arrived a whole day early! *yay*

Alas, it appears to be either retarded, or perhaps it simply has a stutter. well, not the iPod™ itself, but the engraving. Yes, they fucked it up, laughably. I filled out the form while ordering it online, but apparently the letters didn’t come through. So said the man who called me yesterday to ask what I wanted it to say. i carefully spelled out “e l e c t r o f o r k” for him, and said I would like spaces in between all the letters. He read the letters back, and said, “with spaces between the letters?” Yes. Perfect. But how did it look when it arrived? Well, I did try to take a picture, but those damn things are so mirrr-like that it was impossible to get my elph™ to focus. The free engraving looks like this:

ele ctr ofork

nice. thanks!
i was so disappointed. 😦
kevin sorta liked it. he said it it will probably grow on me, and in a way I guess it has begun to. It is yet another sign of the times, I suppose. Customer Service™!® We’re doing it all for YOU!®

::grumble:: I should have ordered directly from Apple™.


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