A Book of Children’s Rhymes: illustrations

illustrations by Janet & Anne Grahame JohnstoneWhile in Baltimore last month, I went to Ellicott City, a little old mill town whig now is known for its antiques shops and cafes. I found (and bought) a children’s book from the 1970s, one which I quickly realized I’d had as a child. It is one of the books that taught me how to draw horses (and influenced my people as well). The gouache paintings therein, by Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone, are fantastic. There are several more after the jump.illustrations by Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone
illustrations by Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone

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Kitchen nook redesign

kitchen nook redesign
elley has a secretary from the Bell house that she’s saved for me. The place where it will make the most sense is the kitchen nook which currently houses the map chest and some shelves.

So I’ve been working on plans for the it— on the left is what it looks like now;  on the right is a rough draft in Photoshop of my plan. I’m going to paint that wall as an accent wall to help unify that expanse with the brick chimney behind the stove.

The shelves will come down, but those do-dads will work nicely inside, and leave room for some stemware. (The change will also encourage me to find a place for the miscellaneous boxes that have been sitting there looking an eyesore!) Now, someone go buy that Amsterdam painting on the left. It’s on Etsy for sale.

In my mind, it was always ‘ceiling’ wax

face painted on a truckI need to exercise. I need a shower. I could use some groceries. I want to ride my bike; I want to clean the fish tanks; I want to write a bangin’ blog post as I’ve been neglectful the past few weeks, largely on account of traveling. Been mostly away the past two weeks. Delightful, but now it’s time to TCB*.

I am in a cycle of ramping-up: fitness, freelance, organization, creativity, ‘the very ceiling of my mind’†. I’m pulled in too many directions. (This is often the case; or else not nearly enough. Contradiction.) I’m catching shit from total strangers on OKC ’cause I seem ‘apathetic’. (But, truly, I am, as far as that goes. So much else takes precedence right now.)

While I was Upstate visiting family, one of my two goldfish (pond comets) died. Probably from ingesting a bit of the rusted metal that’s been flaking off the hood (poor design!), same as Toft.

Wink ate him.

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