Art Archive: sketch montage

montage of sketchesAn archive image for today: here’s a montage of various sketchbook drawings. This was a page in my 2004 calendar, which featured all sorts of photos, designs, drawings, and writing from over a few years’ time.

Portraits: some real, some of thin air

pencil portraitsThings have been coming back into focus.

A few years ago I was rarely drawing in my sketchbook— heretofore a staple in my life. Turned out it was down to my eyesight. I’d started wearing glasses, but only to read, as it was the only time I really noticed the deficit.

When I finally got fitted with contact lenses last March, it became clear that the vision skew was why I wasn’t drawing much. Should have been obvious much sooner!

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Art Archive: the dead guy

Art Archive: drawings of The Dead GuyWhen I was in high school I invented a couple of characters by way of drawings. This one’s the dead guy. Rather medieval with his fishmail tights and pointy knight’s feet. I’ve no recollection as to his provenance— maybe just a manifestation of sullen teen-ness and an appreciation of Edward Gorey, dark imagery, &c.

Working in pencil again

pencil sketches of peopleAbove are some pencil sketches or studies from earlier in the week (including two drawn by Sheila). Below are some from last night; more gestural.

Today it is snowing again, and while the trees do look picturesque limned with white, I can assure you the majority of the Northeast Coast is well and truly over the winter of 2014-15.

pencil sketches of peoplepencil sketches of people

Art Archive : photo collages

Photo collage: Serial Fish 1Here are some photo collages I did in 2000-2001. Three of these feature my old pond comet, the mighty Serial Fish, frolicking amongst my belongings, and swimming through the cathedral of floating forks.

Photo collage: Serial 2

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A Sunday afternoon with archives


As my travel plans have been postponed briefly, I’ve been going through some old backup DVDs in service to filling some holes in my ART ARCHIVE. It’s an unwieldy thing, a work in progress.

The optical drive will likely go the way of cassette players and VCRs, so better to get this shit consolidated. I’ll be posting old pieces with some regularity in the Archive category, so check back soon or better yet, follow this blog.

I used to do a lot of conceptual nonsense with HTML, and I’ve resurrected a couple today. The first: this web screen that appeared after clicking an image of a scanned guest check (to see the reverse): reverse And the second— behold:

the Knickknacktionary!

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