And a sneak peek at Sagittarius in progress! Below are the completed shields / sigils to date, but she will be finished very soon. The link takes you to the Kickstarter page for my Zodiac Calendar for 2015, where you can see all the current designs larger, and donate to get your very own copy!!


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I’ve got one-third of the twelve designed now, and it’s a third of the way through the Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of the calendars. If you want to learn more, or get one of your own, read more at Kickstarter!


Everyone seems to be out of sorts, or in a state of transition lately. Well, that’ s nothing new— life is flux. No, what I mean is that a number of people I know have been struggling with big question marks, consciously or not. It’s been coming out gradually, as the summer wanes. They hint at things and then are polite or in earnest to not ruin some summer mood. But I can’t seem to let a thing go if someone close seems troubled, so I ask and insist—  bottling up is tantamount to self-imposed stress, and life is too short for people who are close to be too polite with one another. (Ideally politeness should be reserved mostly for strangers or acquaintances, or certain settings.)

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Another sigil has been designed. This one is based on my adorable little pond comet, Wink. He’s got a ball gown of a tail, and is a slender little ballerina of a fish.

I’ve decided to focus on the designs first, and get to the mottos of houses later on, as they require more research. For more information, check out my Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for printing this Zodiac-based, Game of Thrones-inspired calendar for 2015.


“The Twelve Houses: 2015 Zodiac Calendar by Elizabeth Daggar” ☺

— KSR Staff Picks (@ksr_staff) August 29, 2014


Alright! It’s time again for another Electrofork calendar. I’ve been threatening to employ Kickstarter for some project or other for years, and the time has come. The project has been laid out as follows:

A calendar for 2015 featuring the signs of the Zodiac reinvented as Sigils of the 12 Houses— Winter is coming

[Press Release for full details here.]

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Zac has undertaken to be my apprentice since I decided to get back into making photographic resin pendants, etc. We did our first batch last week. Step one involves selecting images, sizing them to the bezel settings, printing them out on hi quality paper, and trimming the images by hand. We then seal the images into the bezels so that the resin doesn’t soak through. Above are the bezels sealed and ready for resin.


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You may recall this sinister-looking device from a post last November. Well, I’ve finally had a chance to test it out now we’re in the midst of stone-fruits season. I am only a little bit sorry to report that this design, like many, is more beautiful than it is useful. It shall remain a knick knack in the library rather than being put to service in the kitchen.

contour drawing of library

A contour drawing (half-blind, but not fully) from last evening. Lotsa’ books. In reality, the secretary is also loaded with books— on the shelves behind the glass. Also there is an additional bookcase on the opposite corner of the room. I do love books.


Above is the headline and subhead of an article on, one that’s both unsettling and disheartening. First (though least important) I disagree, on the whole, that teaching classics may be a waste of time in high school. Certainly not all of the reading need be ‘classic’— there are many more contemporary writers that could fit in well and probably be more engaging to high school students; more likely to be relatable and hold interest, but the problem is that it sounds as though kids are expected to learn how to write properly in high school!

By the time a kid is in high school, he should already know how to write properly, if not well. The process of learning the basics of grammar and structure must be taught gradually, all throughout primary school (grade school, elementary school— once called GRAMMAR school, for a reason). As anyone who has studied a foreign language knows, trying to jam all of the parts of speech, the understanding of infinitives, gerunds, etc, is a daunting task even if you already understand them in your native language.

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